Oh god, I just saw that Five Nights at Freddy’s is now an app.

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Every hero needs a sidekick

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Ik spreek Nederlands.

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I’m getting the hang of Dutch. Pronouns are still really weird to figure out, like when do you use -e instead of -ij?

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who did you go the club with?

My friend/the guy I’ve hooked up with twice, Darien, who had asked me before but I had no money at the time and wasn’t able to. But now that I’m rolling in refund money I don’t have that worry right now, so I hope he wants to go more with me because it was really fun and want to go back again.

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An internet meme helped me answer a trivia question. They asked what animal has been named ‘The Most Fearless Mammal’ and one of the choices was honey badger, and well ‘Honey Badger don’t care!’

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anonymously tell me your honest opinion about me 

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100 Favorite Faces

Elyes Gabel

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They blocked out the brand of soda Brad Pitt was drinking but they didn’t bother to block out any in the vending machine.

I guess Pepsi didn’t want to be sponsored by the zombie apocalypse.

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