I feel much too old to not have known that Gangsta’s Paradise was a sample of Pasttime Paradise by Stevie Wonder.

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I have to say the Kim k app was an amazing business idea and I feel like it has already done wonders for her brand. Now I see pictures of Kim kardashian and I think “that’s my extremely generous friend Kim she really got my modeling career off the ground”

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please stop making comics about the stereotypical jock boy beating up the stereotypical nerd boy and somehow incorporating love. do not write them under posts about physical indicators of soulmates (glowing chests, names on wrists) and better yet, don’t reblog that shit when you see it!

stop living in this weird fantasy world where anyone’s secretly meant to be with their abuser forever. I can’t believe this is a text post I need to make

Remember Kurtofsky? I still can’t believe that was a thing.

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GLAAD’s diversity problem isn’t that there are too many lesbian transwomen (that Andrea James constantly refers to as ‘socialized straight men’ in that disgusting Queerty article, obviously trying to get on the good side of TERFs for some reason), it’s there is a seriously lack of people of color on the board of directors, especially in officer positions.

Like I am so mad about that article because it perfectly panders to the transphobia that exist very deeply in the queer community, especially gay men.

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I can’t believe that I just watched a Fifty Shades of Grey trailer for Beyonce.

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The GLAAD Board’s “Tr**ny” Trouble: How Its Trans Takeover Is Reshaping LGBT Politics 

This article constantly calls transwomen ‘socialized straight men’ and praises the fact that Meghan McCain is in the GLAAD board now?

This article confounds me for being shittly written (did you really cite something and then put no quotes around it?) but also clear anti-trans propaganda written by a transwoman, if searching her name on Twitter gives me any indication of who she is, is transmisogynist and lesbophobic.

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This Daredevil comic is literally just Sister Ingalls backstory from Orange is the New Black.

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Jet lag is a motherfucker.

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are straight allies even real


are straight allies even real

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